There’s no place like it

I went to the garage yet again with my ageing car the other day. The mechanic said, “You’ve had it for 10 years – that’s a long time to keep a car.” As I reluctantly agreed to a batch of repairs to make it roadworthy again, because I still love it, I said to him, “That’s how I am. Same car, same house, same husband ….” As he joked that it might be time to think about changing at least one of the three, I thought about the pros and cons of sticking with what you know as opposed to moving on.

I’ve lived in the same town for all of my 61 years and the same house for over half of those years. Boring? I don’t think so. Shrewsbury is one of the best places to live in the U.K. And our house, although it guzzles money, is where we want to be for a while longer; at least until the maintenance costs outstrip our means.

I like the fact that I see people I know every time I go into town, every time I walk the dogs, every time I go anywhere locally. Is this loyalty to the environment I know or fear of change? What’s your attitude to change? Do the benefits of new and shiny outweigh the comfort of familiarity?

In business, we evolved our activity to meet changing market needs but, on the whole, we ploughed the same furrow for many years – a quarter of a century and more. Because it was what we knew and where we felt we could most effectively meet our goals. And I could give numerous examples of businesses that have survived the downturn since 2008 purely because of their refusal to compromise, in terms of their core values and brand identities at the very least.

Your feedback, as always, is welcome. How has change, or refusal to change, affected your life and your business? email or call 07801251767

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