How to be an epicurean – and it’s not about eating posh pickles.

I’ve been studying philosophy since a couple of years before I retired. Although much of the work was done over 2000 years ago, the thoughts of philosophers are as relevant now as they were when written with reeds on papyrus. Epicureanism is all about the pursuit of pleasure. A selfish lifestyle choice? Maybe not whenContinue reading “How to be an epicurean – and it’s not about eating posh pickles.”

Desirable brand WLTM partner for LTR and lots of moments of pleasure

We started a chocolate business a few years ago to learn more about the retail food sector. An increasing number of our clients were in that sector and we needed to know about the issues they faced from the sharp end. Mission accomplished.  Now that we are pretty much retired from Alpha (but please keepContinue reading “Desirable brand WLTM partner for LTR and lots of moments of pleasure”

Am I hopelessly out of date?

This week I engaged in a discussion on LinkedIn about the type of interaction that is acceptable between new business connections. Is it OK to pitch your business at a new contact, or should you shield your true intent until you’ve wooed them with articles, wise comments and other displays of how brilliant you are?Continue reading “Am I hopelessly out of date?”

A rose by any other name…

…might smell as sweet but unless it has name awareness, it could sink into oblivion alongside lesser known plant varieties. Finding appropriate names for brands is THE most favourite part of our work. It’s creative, of course, but there is also a clearly defined process that we have honed over the years to make itContinue reading “A rose by any other name…”